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My mission is to help my clients be their very best with a personalized program that fits each individual's lifestyle, level and preferences. 

Whether you define your “best" as a feeling, result or look, I’ll help you get there. 


Your environment – both internal and external – defines your wellbeing. Everything you do with, put in and surround your body with directly impacts your health. In your complimentary consultation, we’ll discuss your future goals and current lifestyle to develop a personalized plan.

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We will establish the best blend of resistance training, heart-rate training, restorative yoga and core-building Pilates to meet your fitness goals, fit for your lifestyle.

  • In-Home Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • Virtual Training

We will determine which coaching method will be the most efficient and effective in helping you meet your goal, no matter your dietary restrictions or preferences.

  • In-Home Coaching
  • Small Group Coaching
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Monthly Meal Plan
  • Weekly Meal Prep
  • Grocery Store Tour
  • Grocery Shopping
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These group events allow for an open discussion on all things health. Select from a combination of group exercise or guided meditation, nutrition education and product recommendations. 

  • Friends & Family Gatherings
  • Corporate Wellness Seminars
  • Team Building Workshops

Are you ready to be your very best self?
Schedule your complimentary consultation today. 


Lauren is an amazing trainer, coach and friend. She was not my first trainer, but was definitely the most effective trainer I have worked with. Lauren involves all aspects of weight loss in her training. She realizes that nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand to be successful and she ensures all know this. Lauren shares nutrition facts and ideas while you are training and you leave with both your body and mind getting a great work out. Lauren combines cardio, strength training and yoga in a fun yet extremely motivating and successful training session. Lauren got this 50+ body doing things I never imagined it could do with her motivational talks and encouragement. She was always willing to modify whenever needed due to lack of skill or injury.  When working out on my own and I'm ready to stop, I hear Lauren's encouraging voice saying "You can do anything for 30 seconds!" and I keep going until 30 seconds become 60 and then 90...

– Linda J.

Thanks to Lauren for helping me conquer yoga poses I never thought possible! I'm on my way to holding a headstand and crow for more than a split second. Adding 2 yoga classes per week at DEFINE has really helped my overall well being, added strength and confidence, and even improved my running form so I'm not so tight after my runs. Thanks so much my friend!!

– Heather C.

In just the few short weeks that DEFINE Oakley has offered yoga it has already made a huge impact on my life. Most of the classes I take are high energy and fast paced, which I love, but yoga allows me to find a different sense of balance in my life. I can feel myself becoming calmer and more introspective with each class. I am also seeing major transformations in my body. I already feel stronger, more stable and my core is the most toned that it's ever been! In each class, Lauren takes you through poses and you can decide if you want to stick to the basics or take a challenge. In every class I've taken I've been surprised with what my body can do, practicing poses that I didn't think were possible to achieve this early in my practice! I block off my time to make sure I attend yoga at least once a week because I am seeing so many benefits from taking this class. Lauren is an amazingly talented teacher who makes sure to make all levels feel welcome and confident. If you haven't tried yoga yet, I encourage you to do it! You'll soon see your body & your mind change and really feel what strength, length & balance it can bring to your life!

– Olivia D.